Sunday, May 6th, 2012

The coming warmth of summer melts winter’s clenched abdomen and strained shoulders,

The hot sun’s promise of sweating bell jars filled with mint tea, iced and rich.

The window’s expand and crackle to the sound of Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts,

And Dylan’s Jack whose portentous presence awakes deep memory trances,

In the owner of the Town’s only diamond mine.


All is awoken if the stars align in conscious gratitude for afternoon light and steaming coffee’s incense,

Simple rituals of aroma when searching for man-sized cosmic systems.

The coming of millennial warmth and year’s deep breath—how peacefully you reign!

How lucky we are to experience your glory, how blessed are we to come at a time of such deep foundation,

Behavioral traces of untraced genealogy dripping and oozing through time.


I hear footsteps in the woods, making hoofed indentations in the young earth.

Through the brush and thorns its flight-eyed awakenings are visible,

Always moving, save by night unless startled.

How lucky we are to sit stationary, how blessed we are to choose labor!


I stand on the porch and look across the valley at the opposite hill,

Green and purple landscape in the shadow of lumbering clouds, white-rimmed elephants,

Migrating across the springtime sky, travelers of the blue Sahara.


No more life plans and road maps when walking among brush-birds, living by instinct and higher wealth.

Ideals, simply passing prophets in a stranger’s book of secrets, and justice honor, progress,

Simply green rays over the nautical horizon mingling with the vast expanses of the Descendants of Ur.


Descendents of Ur, constantly marching into the warmth on my face as I stand here now,

On this day, in this life, under the banner of the sky-blue Sahara.