List: Notable Events from the Bedford and Pound Ridge, NY Police Blotter

Monday, Jan. 27

5:08 p.m. – A mother and daughter on High Street fighting over toilet paper resulted in a domestic report being filed.

Thursday, Jan. 30

12:31 p.m. – A Siberian husky who walked himself over to the Bedford Hardware store on Old Post Road was reunited with his owner, who was out looking for him. The dog and its owner went home happily together.

Sunday, March 9

8:29 p.m. – An opossum playing dead in Narrows Road ran away after being prodded with a stick by a police officer.

12:19 p.m. – A resident of Guard Hill Road complained of neighboring children on Succabone Road trespassing on her property and leaving garbage, debris, and possibly dead animals. The police spoke with the parent of the children and asked that the children stay off the neighbor’s property.

Wednesday, April 30

2:45 p.m. – A raccoon perched on the top of a 30-foot-tall shelf at Wallauer’s on Bedford Road did not want to get down. Animal control was notified.

Tuesday, June 10

8:31 p.m. - A turtle attempting to cross Cherry Street made it to safety before police arrived to assist it.

Tuesday, June 17

10:57 a.m. - A Wakan Drive resident called to report a man behaving suspiciously in the woods behind their house. Police say the man is a neighbor who was "answering nature's call."

Wednesday, June 25th

3:46 p.m. - An ice cream truck driver new to the job didn't know she is not allowed to pull the truck into the Bedford Village town park on Greenwich Road because there is already a food concession the premises. The concession reported the ice cream truck as "peddling." Any confusion about where the ice cream truck can park was subsequently cleared up.

10:39 p.m. - A Wood Road resident called police to say he didn't know where his wife had gone; police ascertained she was watching television in another room.

Sunday, July 13

12:30 p.m. - A Maple Avenue resident found a chicken or possibly a rooster wandering on the road. She put it in her car and drove around trying to locate the owner, with negative results. She took the bird home and is still attempting to find its proper owner.

NOTE: The wallaby still missing from North Salem was spotted this week on Long Ridge Road in Pound Ridge heading towards Bedford. Any sightings should be reported to Peter Saks at ***-**** or ***-***-****.

Saturday, July 19

10:19 p.m. - Report of two horses running in the road on Croton Lake Road by Wood Road. No horses were found upon arrival. 

Sunday, July 6

10:17 p.m. - An Adams Street resident called police to report a disturbance, saying they heard yelling coming from an adjacent residence. When police responded, they discovered a child yelling while playing a video game. There was no further police action. 

Saturday, Aug. 2

1:17 p.m. - A Hickory Road resident reported a suspicious person on their property. Police determined it was an elderly man attempting to locate his young grandson, who he was picking up at a party. The man was directed to the correct address.

Tuesday, Aug. 5 

4:52 p.m. - A caller notified police about a chicken tied up at a residence on Babbitt Road. Officers determined it was a rooster, tethered by its leg to a tree outside the house. The animal appeared to be in good health. The rooster's owner said she was keeping it until she was ready to eat it. No further police action was taken.

Monday, Aug. 11

8:04 p.m. - A verbal dispute between a mother and her son erupted on Rome Avenue. The point of dispute was a cat jumping on a router. A New York state domestic incident report was filed.

Sunday, Aug. 17

2:45 p.m. - A Bedford man brought the corpse of a woodchuck he had shot at his upstate Grahamsville home to the Bedford Police Department. The man told police the woodchuck had been chasing him and that he had had contact with the woodchuck, which he believed might be rabid. The Westchester County Health Department was notified, and Northern Westchester Hospital advised the man to get the rabies shots to be on the safe side.

Thursday, Aug. 28

5:49 p.m. – A High Street in Katonah resident reported as suspicious a white, middle-aged man walking a golden retriever by the park. The caller could not explain why they thought the person was suspicious. The man and dog were gone when police arrived.