List: Fascist Slogan or Hard Techno Lyric?

(Compiled with Julian van der Made) 

1. "The dark veil of night will suddenly fall and the sun will rise in the blood-red sky."

2. “Let the fire burn inside. Nobody can stop this generation. Let’s come together and unite. Nothing is going to stop us now.”

3. “Always alert and ready for the fight!" 

4. “In those days, we were in the middle of a great collapse...it had been apparent that a storm was brewing.”

5. “They brought down our cities one by one, scattering us across the continents. Soon they came to enslave us, not one person was to be spared the cruel fate that awaited anyone that was captured. Life as we knew it became hell on earth: Every man running for the hills, every man for himself. But tonight, we have come together to fight. You are our last hope; our redemption; our salvation. You are the resistance”

6. “Only with discipline one gets the power, only with sacrifice one can touch the glory!" 

7. ‘All we want is the power, the glory and the complete victory’

8. "When the skies darken, when lightning bolt after lightning bolt flashes from the threatening clouds, that is the time to put away fear and face the elements...standing upright until the first specks of blue show up on the horizon, announcing the ruling sun that slowly breaks through the clouds. Those who tremble during the storm will deny it when the sun shines over them."

9. “With the energy of thousand, we will unite”

10. "We have never believed so firmly in victory as in this hour. Our path is clear. None of us hesitates to follow it. Freedom and life are waiting at its end.”

11. “Believe! Obey! Fight”

12. “Have faith in today and what will follow. Join me in my dreams. We will dominate”

13. "We want to live, and…we will live. There is a vast field of ruins before us. Everything has collapsed. Wherever one looks, things have been undermined, hollowed out, broken, become rotten. Small steps have already been taken. A little has been cleared away, here and there is the start of firm ground on which one can build. But the destruction extends far, far to the horizon, with wasteland everywhere, everything in ruins."

14. “To create our nation, that’s our destination. We won’t settle for less. I repeat: do not settle for less. I ensure you; they can do us nothing. Our kingdom is coming!” 

15. “Rising up from the seed, born to change history. From the streets, we unleash hell”

16. “Resist no matter what it takes, no matter the price!”

17. “I will not break, I will not bend, I will not be quiet. The harder the challenge, the stronger I stand” 


1. Joseph Goebbels, 2. ‘Children of the Night’ by Nakatomi, 3. Italian Fascist Slogan, 4. Adolf Hitler, 5. ‘The Resistance’ by A2 Allstars, 6. Italian Fascist Slogan, 7. ‘Hymn (Neophyte remix)’ by The Stunned Guys, 8. Joseph Goebbels, 9. ‘Unite’ by Noisecontrollerz, 10. Goebbels 11.  Italian Fascist Slogan, 12. Dominate’ by Showtek, 13. Göring, 14. ‘Hymn (Neophyte remix)’ by The Stunned Guys, 15. ‘Bleeding for the Harder Styles’ by the Beholder and DJ Zany, 16. Italian Fascist Slogan, 17.  ‘Disposal of Outer Power (Mainstage on Fire Mix)’ by Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied