Comments My Parents Have Made on My Instagram Account

Satiric dancer

Phew Says Me

You two rough necks

Was it good?

My boy!!!

Z, can you check in re your state of being?


And then the@little man destroyed the #Borsalino.

Looks like a Japanese interest camp

Planning a porn empire

Did you join a gym?

Good gracious boy!!!!!

Is the guy on your right wearing your shirt??


mama Mia!

Wow. Wow. Wow. One of the best ever!

Glad to see your grandfather made it with his girlfriend

Z!!!!! How are you? Happy new year. Drop a line when you can. 

Good thing you look like mama

Did you pay extra for that?

He have you a shout out at last night show!

You should've pulled out your harmonica

A lizard and boy could marry. But where would they live?

Does your owl bite?


Real soul patch. Was born w it

You tell it!



Bravo!! Beautiful

Grandpa Bernie used to play gin at the beach

Muy muy Bonita!!

#mushrooms a-poppin'